pinchergirl (pinchergirl) wrote in article_request,

Request :)


Does anyone have access to:

"Starrett, R. H. (1996). Assessment of global social responsibility. Psychological Reports, 78, pp. 535-554."

"Validity and reliability of the Responsibility Attitude Scale (RAS)
Kabirnezhad, Sanaz; Alilou, Majid Mahmoud; Sharifi, Mohammad Amin. Psychological Research 13.1 (Jul 2010 - Sep 2010): 109-123."

"The Ascription of Responsibility Questionnaire: Development and Empirical Extensions
Hakstian, A. Ralph; Suedfeld, Peter; Ballard, Elizabeth J.; Rank, Darylynn S.. Journal of Personality Assessment 50.2 (Jul 1986 - Sep 1986): 229-247"

Please sent to:

Thanks a lot and happy Holiday to anyone!
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