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Hi all,

Does anybody have access to these articles?

"The effects of social responsibility and satisfaction on extrarole behaviors." Witt, L. Alan; Silver, N. Clayton. Basic and Applied Social Psychology15.3 (Sep 1994): 329-338.

"Relations of empathy and social responsibility to guilt feelings among undergraduate students."
Ishikawa, Takayuki; Uchiyama, Ichiro. Perceptual and Motor Skills, Pt 2 (Dec 2000): 1127-1133.

"Why prosocials exhibit greater cooperation than proselfs: The roles of social responsibility and reciprocity."
De Cremer, David; van Lange, Paul A. M. European Journal of Personality,SpecIssue (Sep-Oct 2001): S5-S18.

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Thank you in advance!
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